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Global seafood sales.

We are a UK-based company with over fifty years of experience in the fish industry. For decades we have been promoting and selling wild and farmed fish directly from the producers to the international markets. Our Seafood sales in London team are dedicated to boosting and presenting selected fish species to our existing clientele and building steady growth with a new one.

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Our mission

At Seafood Sales, we aim to build direct relationships between producers and customers following landings and market needs. We supervise the competition within our assigned region and are qualified to create new opportunities for the involved parties. In addition, we have access to suppliers and wholesalers worldwide and enable fishing businesses to access new markets for their products.

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Over fifty years of experience in the seafood industry

We work with producers from the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Arabian Gulf, the Indian Ocean, and Ecuador, among others, and connect them with buyers worldwide.

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Helping you find new markets

Our people will be the first point of contact for customer issues, resolving customer complaints such as prices, quality, changes, discounts etc. and negotiating with the customers, when needed, to achieve the best prices. In addition, our seafood sales team attend monthly or weekly sales meetings with the producers by teleconference or in person if required.

Furthermore, attend conferences and exhibitions to understand the fishing industry trends.

Also, as former owners of fishing boats, we are aware of the difficulties faced by producers due to the intervention of go-betweens.

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Bringing buyers and sellers together

Our Seafood sales In London team are dedicated to building a bridge between the producers and the global market, bypassing the mediators. Hence, the profit remains only for producers and buyers, and our company is the one that can contribute to that.

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