Seafood sales experts Based in London

     We combine our 50 years of experience in the seafood industry as fishing boat owners and traders of our catches with an innovative and flexible attitude and a         responsibility towards future generations  by giving fishing businesses access to the global fish market

                                         Contact our seafood sales experts to find new outlets across the globe for your seafood products.

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Helping you sell your fish and seafood on the world stage

We are a professional multilingual sales team with an ongoing presence in major seafood markets worldwide. With offices in strategic areas, we remain close to both our clients and our collaborators. Our seafood sales experts have access to global fish and seafood markets and are trusted consultants for the worldwide seafood supply industry. Our company also supplies supermarket chains with fresh, frozen fish and ready to cook seafood meals in Europe, Oman and UAE, and dealing with more than two hundred seafood products.











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Sustainable and ethical seafood sellers

Throughout our fishing and trading history, business ethics have always been the hallmark of our company. Our company complies with international and national laws and legislation, ensuring smooth and long-term customer relationships.

All our selling seafood products are sustainable and certified with supporting documentation.

As seafood sales experts, we have experience in dealing with clients in many different nations, from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East and further afield too.